If you remove your brain and keep it aside, are “you” in the brain or the body?”

“Why are there no wandering Rishis or seers in the Alps or the Andes like in the Himalayas?”

I am Mohan Ranga Rao, an entrepreneur who treats life as an enterprise. I have fathered a blind daughter, lost her to cancer when she was barely 9, set up and sold many Brands and businesses including a world-class pharmaceutical facility, built a temple for the poor, completed 25 treks several of which were in the Himalayas at more than 18000 feet altitude.

I am a trekker, traveler, writer, tennis player and the kind of a guy who takes a double espresso and his single malts neat. 

I am what some categorize as an SBNR guy: Spiritual but not religious. I do not believe in mass or organized religion. I believe that Spirituality is a private inner study and reflection about deeper meanings of life. I do not believe in rituals or prayers to appease or influence Gods. I do not believe that God has anything to do with what happens to us.
To me, God is an infinitely intelligent field that is present in the form of common underlying consciousness in all of creation. The purpose of our lives is to contribute to this field through our life experiences.

I have no intention of committing to any specific spiritual school of thought since I believe that spirituality is an eternal exploration based on what we learn, what we experience and what our ancient seers experienced and reported since thousands of years.
My quest to understand the role of mind in the greater working of the cosmos took me to the Vedanta school of thought derived from the Upanishads and lucidly taught as the concept of Advaita, non duality by sage AdiShankara.

It is my wish to share my experiences and my thoughts about eastern philosophy, my treks in the Himalayas and the Western Ghats of south India, parenting children with disability, fitness and my pondering about the role of righteousness in Business.

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  1. Hi sir, this is Ramakrishna from Tapovana enclaves near JP Nagar. Till now I knew a little about you as a business entrepreneur.
    Nice to know about your conceptualization of Spirituality. It is interesting and nice too.
    Would like to be in touch.


  2. I somehow feel a connect with your thoughts with kuvempu’s vishwamanava sandesha and the gamechanging sloka in the bhagwadgita chapter 2 sloka11!


  3. Dear Mohan , Life is always deceptively simple but endlessly complicated .. but What I have really understood reading your blog is that you have experienced life And tried to understand better . Good luck and god bless


  4. Hi sir
    Good to see you and impresed.
    I know little about you that you enjoy life with multidisclipnery activities.
    Till now haven’t seen you playing tennis.
    Hope you are doing well.
    All the best..


  5. Dear Sir, they say “pressure makes diamonds”. Definitely no one asked the diamond if it liked being made like that, but what to do, that is the way the system works… Wishing you and your family all the best!


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