Journey Of A Rookie Traveller

Frequent travelling over decades made me a relaxed traveller unfazed by missing connections and customs. Anxiety coupled with a little terror was my inevitable companion during the initial years of my travel 36 years ago.   Wise travellers unlike ‘yours truly' have invented words to describe complex emotions that invade a traveller's mind. One European phrase … Continue reading Journey Of A Rookie Traveller

“Watch” Your Verdict

While outer Journeys to distant destinations and treks on Mountains reveal to us the fascinating nature of universal intelligence, inner journey through meditation and contemplation reveal to us the fascinating nature of our minds and reality. Sometimes brutally honest contemplation of one's behaviour and reaction to daily life happenings can be a great way of … Continue reading “Watch” Your Verdict

Valley Of Flowers And Rudraprayag

There were two places that Mamatha had missed out and wanted to visit in Uttarakhand: Trayambakeswar temple in Rishikesh and Badrinarayan temple in Badrinath. There were three things that I had missed out and wanted to complete in Uttarakhand; Valley of flowers trek, Visiting the spot where Jim Corbett killed the man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag … Continue reading Valley Of Flowers And Rudraprayag