Role Reversal, Kismet’s way

“What is the difference between A.C. current and D.C. current?” asked the external examiner from Mangalore University at a Viva Voce exam of my Mechanical Lab 1 during my engineering degree. “What has mechanical Lab got to do with electrical current Sir? “ I cross questioned him. His face turned red. “Who are you to … Continue reading Role Reversal, Kismet’s way

A Snake that Ratted out on me.

Day after tomorrow is Vinayaka Chaturthi a day when we worship with Gratitude the God that destroys obstacles,Lord Ganesha. He is always portrayed with a snake wrapped around His big belly  riding on a rodent. It is rather intriguing that both these favourite creatures of Lord Ganesha visited my house during a span of a few … Continue reading A Snake that Ratted out on me.