Corona, divided we stand

While we are told to get out and help victims of earthquakes and fires, we are now being told to stay away from victims carrying the new common enemy to Humankind, CORONA virus."Stay away from people" we are advised. "Distance yourself socially". While some people may be more susceptible to becoming seriously ill with the … Continue reading Corona, divided we stand

Medication over Meditation

It is rather sad that Society has always viewed mental illness as a sign of weakness. Often even the family members of the person with depression do not understand the condition. This Stigma is by itself an epidemic that needs to be eradicated much like polio or small pox before depression is accepted as a … Continue reading Medication over Meditation

Coffee to Coffin…a sad case of untreated major depression?

"How are you coping, Mohan? If anyone else was in your situation, he or she would have committed suicide," a contrived business associate told me when I was facing a double whammy in my professional life: an arrest warrant from a Mumbai lower court for three bounced cheques that my company had issued to a … Continue reading Coffee to Coffin…a sad case of untreated major depression?